Kouremenos beach lies about 2 km from Palaikastro. Kouremenos is a quiet beach with sand and pebbles, crystal clear waters and a length in excess of 1.5 km. Along the beach there are plenty of tamarisk trees offering a great natural shade to the swimmers. In the area there are several restaurants and cafes to suit all needs.

The beach is exposed to the strong northern winds that blow steadily throughout the summer, which has made it famous to athletes and lovers of windsurfing worldwide. It is no coincidence that there is a windsurfing school, while in June 2009, the European windsurfing competitions (freestyle category) were held in the beach. A huge advantage of the beach, mainly due to its orientation, that makes it so popular, is that despite the wind speed, there is no ripple formation to the shore and swimmers can enjoy the sea undisturbed.

The Kouremenos beach is also appropriate for diving because of its wonderful seabed.

In case you have a boat, on Kouremenos beach there is a small marina.

The Kouremenos wetland is on the beach of the same name and its geographical coordinates are latitude 26.272145, longitude 35.203953 and WWF Hellas code KR1004 and covers an area of approximately 4 hectares. Kouremenos is a natural coastal wetland, with seasonal saltwater incursion, and remains marshy all year round due to the fact that it lies more or less at sea level. The wetland is protected, being in a special preservation area and within the limits of the Natura area, code no. GR4320006. It is also protected as an Area of  Outstanding Natural Beauty and is included in the Presidential Decree on the Protection of Small Island Wetlands of Greece (code no Y432KR1004).