Kouremenos beach is one of the most famous beaches in Greece and abroad for the Windsurfing enthusiasts.

Due to the local thermal and funneling effect, the surface wind in the area is increased by 2 Beaufort, stronger than anywhere else in the region. So, the average wind force here is approximately between 4 and 7 Beaufort, 6 during summer season, therefore, Kouremenos is the safest spot in Europe. The cloth is ranging from 4.5 to 5.3 m.

Kouremenos is ideal for all levels of windsurfers. The water’s very flat close to the beach and ideal for the beginners. In flat waters, you can find the right conditions for planning moves as well as freestyle. Moreover, shallow water and sand are ideal for an easy beach start (the beach start is a fairly easy technique, which can gradually lead you to the next stage, the water start), while buoys are placed in order to help you.

The peculiarity of Kouremenos beach is that, although it is beaten by strong winds for most days of the summer, there is no ripple in the “shallow” waters and swimmers can freely enjoy the sea and the hot sun. On the other hand, surfers enjoy the strong wind that boosts their sails and the ripples formed far from the coast.

The magical effect of this coexistence, between swimmers and surfers, is the hallmark of Kouremenos beach that has made it famous throughout Europe.

On the southern side of the beach there are two schools where you can take some lessons or rent the equipment in case you do not have one.